Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Future of the Democratic Party

Left Comeback? - Megan McArdle makes a good observation about the Democratic party's proclivity to scapegoating instead of internal observation. Unfortunately, if the Democratic party is going to learn from the failures of the past, they have about 2 years to do it. Saletan, via a back-handed compliment to the GOP, lauds their scheme for putting a single candidate forward as early as 1998, an excellent strategy when faced with a wide-open GOP field.

The first major test of a new strategy will be in 2006 - the Democratic party must challenge and defeat some entrenched Republicans, especially in the Senate (the House is too difficult) if they're going to show they are a major challenger. Pick a Republican senator in blue state - Rick Santorum in PA - and beat him. Then, replace a Republican senator with a Dem in a Red state, ideally somewhere in the South. Failure to perform both these tasks, and the party isn't ready to mount the national campaign necessary to win the White House in 2008.


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