Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I didn't know I hated America so much... - Good Riddance: "But the problem is that many Democrats have a downright hostile attitude to the flag, to patriotism itself, which is thought by some in the party to be a retrograde sentiment. And they have, at best, a queasy disposition towards religion. To tell the truth, it gives many of them the creeps."

Thank goodness my moral superiors are here to set me straight. I forget sometimes that admitting mistakes is unpatriotic, right up there with questioning the fallability of the Pope...I mean the President. United States foreign policy since World War II has been shortsighted - a lot of the problems we have had or experience today were the results of lack of strategy on both sides of the aisle. Propping up the Shah, selling arms to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, arming the Mujahadeen, giving Indochina back to the French, failing to differentiate between nationalist communist movements and Stalinist-style communism...

The intent in almost all of those cases was good, but you what road is paved in "good intentions". What's wrong with taking a more distanced position on things?

Secondly, religion doesn't make me queasy, setting government policy with an eye toward religion does make me nervous. My other problem with it - it's hypocritical. For a country that's so worried about moral decay - who was buying all those Eminem and Brittany Spears albums? It wasn't just people in New York and Massachussetts - I live in a red state, and that stuff is on the radio here too. Howard Stern had as audience outside NY/NJ, last time I checked. It's called "popular" culture for a reason.

My foil will say, "look at the Passion", it shows people want something besides what Hollywood is regularly putting out. Fine, but why does it have to be to the exclusion of something else? If Conservatives charge that liberals try to use the courts to affect policy, it's no different than trying to use government (like the FCC), to affect policy. Problem is - we don't vote on entertainment in this country - the government doesn't and shouldn't set artistic direction.

If that's what you really want, go to the UK and watch the BBC.


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