Sunday, November 07, 2004

This is ethical leadership...

I read about this last year, and it's stuck with me since. In all this discussion about "moral values", you would think that the national Republican Party would hold Gov. Riley up as an example. I don't really know how it's going for the folks in Alabama, but I think it's the effort that's worth notice.

Replacing a regressive tax for more progressive tax structures to "take care of the least among you." - Imagine that, sounds kind of like a liberal. I'm not by any means an advocate of socialism, but if you are going to look to the church as a direction for leadership, the Catholic "Communion" comes from the idea of reaffirming one's place in the community of Christ. What about the community of the United States? Do we serve our brothers and sisters by sending them to die in Iraq? Do we follow Jesus' direction to care for children when we shoulder them with a debt for our mistakes today?

The Republican Party in this country does not have a monopoly on morals, and for all the nonsense about "values" - television programming isn't a reflection of our societies morals - it's how we treat our kids, our prisoners, our neighbors...That's what makes me so disgusted with the hypocracy.


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