Sunday, January 16, 2005

Championship Game Picks

Three-for-four this week, missed the Eagles game. Picks for next week.


Patriots at Steelers

This is a tough one...the Steelers wrecked the Patriots on Halloween, but the 4 NE turnovers contributed to that victory. Pittsburgh played a close game against the Jets in December, and they played a close game against last night. Drawing on past history to make this pick...

Winner: Pittsburgh


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Philly played strong defense today, and got the monkey off their back - winning without T.O. Atlanta rolled over the Rams, but they're just not a very good team. Next week, they're in for a struggle; however, I think they might just be too much for the Eagles.

Winner: Atlanta

There it is, Pittsburgh/Atlanta in the Super Bowl. I'm looking forward to Troy Polamalu shadowing Michael should be an interesting matchup.


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