Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Clinton Did It" - SO WHAT?

Byron York from the National Review is on Meet the Press, talking about the Armstrong Williams issue. He cited a MediaLink quote in the NY Times, that "the Clinton administration did a lot more of this."

This is ridiculous, but it seems to be a common retort of the Right. It's evidenced in this nonsense from VodkaPundit. In this critique of Paul Krugman's article, he basically addresses every criticism of the right by citing a Democrat or liberal that did the same thing.

Even if the current administration does something less than the Clinton administration - if it was wrong then, it's still wrong now. Hey, Scott Pederson only killed two people, but Richard Ramirez was found guilty of 13 counts of murder - so what's the big deal?

(OK, that's a straw man - but you get the idea)

Does the Bush administration get more criticism? Sure - but when Bill Clinton was President, we weren't engaged in global war and the economy was fantastic. Not saying it's bad now - but that Tech Boom was once in a lifetime. It's easy to confuse correlation with causation, but quite frankly, Bill Clinton could have sacrificed puppies in the White House and no one would have cared as long as the 401K returns stayed high.


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