Sunday, January 23, 2005

Death Benefit for Soldiers

From Investor's Business Daily:

" When Pentagon officials were killed on 9-11, their families got an average $1.5 million in death benefits from a special fund. When GIs are killed overseas fighting terrorists, their families get $12,420.

That's right, barely enough to cover funeral costs. What's wrong with this picture? Everything."

This is shameful. When this is all over (if if ever ends - are we in Iran yet?), we're going to have to provide a lot of health care for vets through the VA, and that costs $$$.

This is why we need to get spending in control and raise taxes back to pre-2001 levels. The tax cut was fine as an economic stimulus in the recession, but all indicators point to recover. A couple of extra percent isn't going to crush the economy, and it could help get the debt in line.


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