Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fabricated Crises

Remember Alar? A chemical used to ripen apples that was said to cause cancer. It's in the scare tactic fall of fame . It had it all, Congressional hearings, Hollywood celebrities, and the story was broke by CBS news. Of course it all turned out to be phony.

How about this one?
Our toxic food supply?
"Twenty percent of the entire U.S. food supply is contaminated with toxins from pesticide residue. A recent study has shown the average American is exposed to such substances 68 times each day and some commonly consumed foods were found to contain five different chemicals"
I found dozens of sites making claims that our life spans are significantly reduced by our food supply (the safest and cheapest in the world).

"The U.S. military will be reinstating the draft"
A candidate for president used this line several times without a shred of proof.

Global Warming
I went back to a paper I wrote in for my senior seminar in Environmental Science in 1993 titled Global Climate Change and its Effect on Costal Ecosystems. I noticed my own paper stated we would be underwater by 2005, I'm exaggerating but it really was a "we're all doomed" type of paper. Social Security reformers would kill for these people's PR machine.

The scare tactic over silicone breast implants put a company out of business.

This list could go on and on


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all this crying wolf by the nutty enviros have made the sensible people greet every new crisis with scepticism.the nuts are hurting their own cause

6:57 AM  

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