Saturday, January 15, 2005

InstaParrot pushing Right-Wing racism

Why is this graph so troubling?

Why is it a problem if the Muslim population of Europe is growing? That's like being in the United States in 1890 and griping about all those gosh-darn Italians and Slovaks coming into the country.

My ancestors missed the Mayflower by about 200 years, but it doesn't make me any less American.

The problem isn't an influx of people into a country, or the rise of an ethnic class, it's how you treat them. This is going to sound terribly racist myself - but how can you condemn this trend in Europe and applaud Spanish-speaking anything (television, politicians, radio) in the United States?

I have a friend and co-worker from India. He isn't a citizen yet, but he's working toward it. He and his wife are just like my best friends from Pennsylvania - late-20s, two little boys, working hard, saving a little, paying off a home, worried about how they're going to pay college tuition...

These people were raised on the other side of the globe, they aren't Christians, but soon they'll be Americans, and no different than Americans born and raised here. Why doesn't the same hold true for French or Spanish muslims? Why does this represent such a threat?

Isn't possible that they just want to make a living and raise their kids too?


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