Friday, January 21, 2005

Krauthammer in today's WP

"It is no accident that Russia has begun hinting at making common cause with China. This is potentially ominous because of China's rising power and its status as the leading have-not nation on the planet, the Germany of the 21st century. In December, during the week of the rerun Ukrainian election that finally brought the pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko to power, Russia made two significant moves toward China. First was the announcement of intensified economic cooperation in developing Russia's vast energy resources. More ominous was the Russian defense minister's Dec. 27 announcement of, 'for the first time in history,' large joint military exercises on Chinese territory.

China in turn is developing relationships with such virulently anti-American rogue states as Iran. Add such various self-styled, anti-imperialist flotsam as Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, and you have the beginnings of a significant 'anti-hegemonic' bloc -- aimed at us. "

Yet we continue to look at China with a blind eye - that "industrious nation", the "World's Shop floor", the "Asian miracle". The naysayers repeat the mantra - "it was the same thing with the Japanese in the 1980s"...

Wrong. The Japanese had no military ambitions or force of which to speak. They were broken by American colonization in the post-WWII era by some kind of national "Stockholm Syndrome". They loved America, and they were our strategic ally while being our economic competitor.

Not so for China. They oppose us on the issue of Taiwan. They have tension with China. They are setting up an oil pipeline with Russia for the sole purpose of insuring supply in the event of a conflict with the U.S., marginalizing the role of the U.S. Navy as a blockade force. They are heavily invested in Sudan oil resources.

Who financed this? We did with our Wal-Mart economy. They hold more and more U.S. debt, and based on President's bold agenda yesterday, this isn't going to stop. Everyday, the U.S. gets weaker and weaker while China consolidates it's position. It played nice to get where they are, but make no mistake about it, communist nations don't like the march of democracy any more than Baathist dictators.

China isn't some backwards nation, starved for a decade and run by a senile old man and two brutal sons. One billion people - even if they can only get 1 out of every 5 men to fight, it would be an army equal to over 1/3 of the U.S. population. Worse yet, they have more manufacturing capability than the U.S. at the start of WWII, combined with nuclear capabilities.

People disrespect "Old Europe", but who's going to help us? The U.K., definitely. Australia, maybe. Brazil and India, potentially. Who of any consequence is left?

"You Forgot Poland!" - you will too when they're wiped off the map by a Sino-Russian military force.

Wake up! The enemy isn't terrorism, it isn't Iran or Syria, it isn't even Islamic fundamentalists. These are distractions, flies in the room that draw our attention from the lion ready to pounce and eat us. The worst part is, we created this situation with corporate greed and an excess of personal consumerism.

When I talk about economic isolationism, people say, "Do you want to go back to paying high prices for everything, just so someone can have a job?" I ask you this - do you want to pay more for things to secure your freedom?

FOX News always has that slogan - "Freedom isn't Free" - damn right, but that applies to tax cuts and consumer goods too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't this make you
a. a rasict
b. someone who manufactures a crisis

9:28 PM  
Blogger Outlier said...

Guilty of "manufacturing a crisis" - I suppose I could be guilty of that here, but then again, I'm not the President of the United States and I don't have a team of experts on Chinese geopolitcal policy and economics at my disposal to advise me.

Racist - absolutely not. I'm talking about a nation's political aims and I'm not attributing traits of behavior to all individuals based on that. Yes, I think Hu Jintao has political aims to take China in a direction that doesn't benefit the United States. I think Vladmir Putin may also be suspect.

What I don't do is project political aims onto individual people as a guide to predict behavior.

My objection is to the idea of projecting the actions of a very small minority of Muslims onto the the larger population as a indicator of behavior.

Despite what I perceive as the political aims of these countries, I would be perfectly comfortable with immigrants from either of these two countries coming to the United States and living and working in my community, just as I would be with average Muslims.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Outlier said...

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10:11 PM  
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