Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NHL Loses Another Fan

From SI.com:

"It appears only an 11th-hour miracle can save the NHL season, but even that would be too late to help Archie Bennitz. The 84-year-old Canadian died last week and used his obituary as a forum to trash NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and union leader Bob Goodenow from the grave. 'He asked that Mr. Bettman and Mr. Goodenow know that they are 'skunks' for denying him the pleasure of watching the NHL this year,' read Bennitz's death notice in last Thursday's Ottawa Citizen. 'He also asked that Mr. Bettman step aside and give Wayne Gretzky the job that rightfully belongs to him.' You tell 'em, Archie. R.I.P."

The NHL might as well close the doors right now. I remember baseball strikes where there was some mixed opinion about the players ("How can they ask for so much money?") and owners("They make so much money - can't they just settle this?)

BOTH sides are losing face in this fight. I can agree with the owners to a point, but some of these franchises aren't ever going to make money - they need to "get real"* and close them down.

*Courtesy of that fat blowhard professional-witness turned pompous daytime host - Dr. Phil


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