Monday, January 31, 2005

Republican Social Security Marketing Guide

From Daily Kos:

Here it is (PDF). The GOP's 103-page playbook for destroying social security.

I just posted a comment to my previous post about the use of language, but what do you know - pages 3-5 of this book speak for themselves:

"A number of messaging techniques have already been tested in the field—feel free to follow these helpful guidelines as you tailor and communicate the solution to a quickly approaching problem.

It's a sales manual designed to train GOP'ers on how to effectively market the message.

Do you think these people believe their own bullshit? No! Do you think it's any different with Democrats? No! (They just have worse marketing tools)

I've said this before - these people don't care about "individual choice", "your nest egg", "social security solvency", "retired Americans" - they care about one thing - RE-ELECTION

They care about the ideas that matter most to the small but effective special interests that will get them RE-ELECTED. It's the same thing on both sides of the aisle - all politicians think this way. Everyone may start in politics with a vision of the public interest, but once elected, they become careerists and their vision becomes the one that keeps them in office.

Republicans don't care about America or values or Christ - they care about Haliburton, Bechtel, and ExxonMobil. If they care about Christ, it's because they're getting campaign contributions from people that do. If Satan worshippers had an effective PAC, they'd be on his side if there was more money in it.

It's the same thing with Democrats - they don't care about America or civil rights or the downtrodden, they care about the Sierra Club, trial lawyers, and NARAL. Any interest in civil rights is directly proportional to the size of the check from the ACLU.

Lisa Simpson said it best, "One nation, under the dollar, with liberty and justice for none."


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