Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Republicans : Condescending AND Amusing

Quite an interesting bunch, those GOP folks.

First, from the Washington Post:

"'I felt very, very secure,' said John Jernigan, in a black fedora and with a Mississippi drawl, still looking a bit dazed from the celebrations.

'Yes, there were some waits -- and in our section there were two cruddy-looking people,' he said, referring to two protesters who found their way to the prime blue section B, right in front of the Capitol. 'You would've just thought they were trash that had blown in is all, but I thought it was great.' "

Can't you just feel the love for the common man? Is this the "Compassionate Conservative" I've been hearing so much about? (Oh yeah, you hardly hear that at all anymore)

For the absurd, we look to Wonkette:

"Subway, 9th St. between F and E, parade had just passed by. Red state dad instructing red state adolescents: "See those protesters over there? They hate America. They hate capitalism. They want you to . . . eat beets."

I actually like beets, and picked horseradish is a complete part of any good Slovak's Easter diet. How else could you stomach the Hrutka? I guess that's where it all went wrong for me - beets made me a Democrat.


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