Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Surprise Snow Hits Triangle; Wrecks, Closings Reported

Well, it snowed in Raleigh, and the Triangle is all in a panic. NC State has cancelled classed tonight, so there'll be no Management Seminar this evening for me. It looks like I'll get some time to finish Mancur Olsen's Logic of Collective Action.

I just finished Mayhew's Congress: The Electoral Connection and I while some of the theories are dated, the underlying principle is still true.

Based on Mayhew's theories, it's hard to believe that SS Privatization is going to happen (and one can see why the Medicare drug package passed). I'll probably discuss that more tonight.

For now, I have head home. I work at the far end of Wake County, about 30 miles from Raleigh, and I can't imagine they've plowed out here.

I was looking at some webcams of WRAL at the intersection of Avent Ferry Road and Western Blvd., very close to NC State, and there were cars all over the roadway. Even if I survive a roadway mess in Zebulon, I have that to look forward to in the city. Big fun - can't wait.


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