Sunday, January 16, 2005

There you go again.

So, liberal blowhard calls people "racist" if they show concern over rising Muslim immigration in Europe, no surprise, liberals use that word so often it has lost most of its meaning (which is unfortunate when real racism occurs). It’s strange, LB refers to someone as a parrot and then parrots the usual liberal race baiting line, you forgot to call him a Nazi, try and do better next time. Also, when did Arabs become a race? For someone who shows an almost hysterical fear of Christians in America you’re very tolerant of Muslims (known for their acceptance of all that is non-Muslim).

A few examples which should concern the EU.
In Spain, a Muslim cleric recently caused controversy when he published a book advising Islamic men on how to beat their wives and avoid prosecution—a classic example of how multiculturalism and tolerance are being taken advantage of. The same is true for France, for "... all of France's 1,200 mosques are funded by foreign governments, and out of the country's 230 major imams, none is French". The murder of Theo van Gogh by shooting, throat slitting and dagger plunging with a note in the Netherlands. He was killed because of his "racist" views toward the way Muslims treat their women.

The story about LB's immigrant friend is touching but that’s in the U.S. The problem in Europe is they don't assimilate. EU's high unemployment, generous welfare benefits, and socialized medicine don't encourage assimilation(see "another mugging" post in archives). In the U.S. we have better economic opportunities, much higher rates of home ownership, and suburbs. Much despised by the left, but when immigrants leave their ethnic ghettos to buy homes in the suburbs they own a piece of the country and tend to become Americans.

Old Europe is very arrogant toward Americans, even fellow eu's (like the Poles) who don’t conform to their ideas, imagine how poorly these Muslim immigrants are treated.

One last point, the left has been ridiculing and name calling conservatives for 25 years. At one time the left controlled everything, since 1980 you’ve lost 5 of 7 presidential elections, the senate, the house, most state houses and governorships. Maybe just maybe you should try a different tactic.

I must go now, put on my white sheet and join my fellow racists.


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