Friday, January 21, 2005

Think about this the next time you call in sick...

It was freezing in Washington yesterday, and he hadn't been out in public in months. He had a job to do, the most important job in the world at that time, and he got out of bed to do it. He probably felt terrible, he didn't look like the proud statesman from the Clinton impeachment, he looked like a tired old man before a viewing audience of the world, but he put his pride aside and did his job. Probably for the last time ever.

The man is a WWII veteran, and he's been on the Supreme Court longer than I've been alive. If he couldn't make it yesterday, no one for fault him for it. He's earned a retirement, but unfortunately, his time off won't be spent on the golf course.

Agree with him or not, this is the kind of thing that gets me fired up - watching a great American in the twilight of his life do his job one last time because it's the right thing to do. There are men like him you've never heard of, people like your father or grandfather, at the end of their lives, trying to be the stoic figure they've been since they spent their teenage years in the Great Depression, only to graduate from HS into a brutal global conflict - old before they were even 20. These are the people that built the America we live in today and soon they'll be gone.

It's a important job, but he's dying and he still got up to do it. Even though your job isn't that important, you won't be that sick the next time you have to go to work.


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