Monday, January 24, 2005

When Electronic Voting Machines Attack...

"Despite calls to concede the Agriculture Commissioner's race, Britt Cobb says he is staying in the race.


Cobb was appointed interim Agriculture Commissioner two years ago after Meg Scott Phipps resigned amid scandal. In his bid to keep his job last fall, he found himself trailing Republican Steve Troxler by 2,300 votes.

With more than 4,400 ballots lost in Carteret County, the State Board of Elections was forced to make a decision. It decided to invite those people to vote again, as well as anyone who did not vote previously in Carteret County.

When that was rejected by a Superior Court judge, the board called for a new statewide election, which, too, was overturned.

At one point, attorneys for Republican Steve Troxler presented the court with more than 1,300 affidavits signed by Carteret County voters who swore they voted for Troxler. At his press conference Monday, Cobb said it would set a bad precedent if the affidavits were accepted."

Think very carefully about this. It's 2000 in New Hampshire. An entire county's votes are lost. At this point, Al Gore is leading in the county's that have been counted. [In the end, the margin was around 7,000 votes.] Rather than let these people vote, or allow the entire state to re-vote, NH declares Al Gore the winner.

Republicans would have gone nuts...this has nothing to do with partisan politics. Fair is fair - if votes were lost, and it's the State Board of Election's fault, the election has to be held again. Let the courts decide if it's statewide or just in the county, but let the will of the people of Carteret County count in the election.

One more thing - I don't take this logic to include Florida in 2000. There wasn't any real proof of lost ballots (not like an admission of the State Board of Elections), and the President won, fair & square...but - THE SAME THING IS TRUE IN WASHINGTON!!!

Gregoire is the governor. Period. Yeah, yeah...dead people voted...guess what, dead people voted for Republicans too. Dead people voted in Ohio. People that aren't citizens voted all over the country.

You don't have an election with the electorate you want, you have one with the electorate you have...


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