Sunday, January 23, 2005

When I was young, I used to care about things too

This is what happens when you allow yourself to believe.

1 for 4 in AFC Championship Games at home. For years, my friends would say, "How can you be a Steelers fan? You're so pessimistic, you're so critical?" In years past, even if they would have won the Super Bowl, I would have said they got lucky.

Yeah, it reminded me of Election Night too. I cared about something too and watched it go right down the shitter...

F**k this - you win - everyone else in the world is right and I give up - I'm an idiot Liberal, the Steelers suck, Jesus is the answer, I think this lima bean looks like the Leader...

Maybe I'll just go on a five-year bender and when I'm good and numb at the bottom of an ocean of Jack Daniels, I'll pop my head up and look around.


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