Monday, January 24, 2005

Will you do anything to get a vote?

From the Sun-Herald

"Some Mississippi lawmakers are scheduled to speak Thursday to the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls "a patently white supremacist group."

Guess what political party these lawmakers are from?

From one the papers produced by their "thinktank":

"America is rapidly plunging into central-control statism and a mainly nonwhite nation.
The pro-white movement is spearheaded by a persistent but loose coalition of conservative groups ranging from moderate political activists and theoretical think tanks to the overt hostility of white supremacists and militias. There were over 500 of these groups in 1999 which by early century expand into the nucleus of a viable third political party.

A turning point in its surge to power is the growing number of white millionaires aiming their donations toward the critical mission of white preservation in America. Amply financed, the groups suppress their differences and organize into the fast-growing "white preservation" party focused on a single goal: elevate and arouse white consciousness to action and restore the country to its original Euro-white dominance. "

It is INSANE that anyone is going to give these people a forum or access to the process.

Fine, Robert Byrd was in the KKK, YEARS AGO. He's not actively meeting with them today! Besides, like I've said a million times, this isn't a race to see who can be less of a jackass...

There are fringe elements with dangerous ideology on the left, like eco-terrorists, that shouldn't get any political attention unless its an appearance before a judge. All of these people have a right to say anything they want, but to actively engage them in the mainstream political process, to lend validation to their viewpoint...They can stand in front of the Legislative Building and scream all they want, but when these voices are in the chamber...

L-Hack, honestly, and I'm not being rhetorical - please explain to me why this is OK - because I don't get it.

[By the way: Don't try to go to the C of CC website at your job. Your firewall will block it as a hate group - no lie.]


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