Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yankee Madmen: Fabricated Crises - A Retort

I am talking about a campaign to misinform the public to create a sense of urgency and fear on a situation sponsored and advocated by the President of the United States.

With regards to global warming, I will acknowledge that there is dispute, but this dispute has been bi-partisan. George H.W. Bush is the U.S. signatory on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. There is a dispute about the "crisis" of Social Security; however, as I pointed out earlier, the President has ignored the advice of his appointed Social Security Trustee.

It is possible to excuse the Iraq-WMD "crisis" on bad information from the President's advisors, but a guy on his own team, the private citizen most closely tied to Social Security, has contradicted statements indicating "crisis" and "overhaul" necessary to correct problems.

Social Security reform has nothing to do with a "crisis" - this is a misinformation campaign designed to divert debate from the real issue. This is an ideological debate about personal freedom in retirement savings - a valid topic for national debate, but one that will get pushed aside with a campaign of FUD.

This is just like Iraq - the issue at hand - "In the interest of national security, should the United States engage in an war of conquest and occupation that was not directly provoked in order to establish an Islamic democracy in the Middle East?" A valid topic of national debate - instead we get, "The smoking gun will be the mushroom cloud."

I'll give the President credit - he puts forth bold ideas; however, his election was NOT implicit permission to execute all of them. These manufactured crises are a way to avoid debate on his ideas, and it's not the way democracy should work - feedback loops to elected officials don't occur every 2, 4, or 6 years - they occur everyday.

Issues are proposed, citizens inform themselves, write to Congress, join and form interest groups, lobby, take collective action - direct representative democracy how to behave. That's how it's supposed to work.

By the way:

Alar never involved any part of the U.S. government. Under pressure exerted primarily by the National Resource Defense Council, Uniroyal withdrew Alar from the market. It was not then, nor is it today, banned for use by the FDA, EPA, or USDA.

One final thing:

As I said here, I don't care if John Kerry makes stuff up, or Bill Clinton did, or what the NRDC or any other organization or person does.

Shame on them - It was wrong and they shouldn't have done it

Because they did, it is not an excuse or justification for the President of the United States to act in the same fashion. I expect more from the President than to be engaged in a race to see who can be less of a jackass. How about not being one at all? Is that too much to ask?


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