Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Axis of Oil

From the Weekly Standard:

"SO PICTURE THIS WEB OF INFLUENCE that is being woven by countries eager to constrain American power. Canada and China become joint venturers, as do Venezuela and China. Canada is America's largest source of imported oil, and Venezuela sells us the light, sweet crude oil that our refineries are best equipped to handle. This means that a significant portion of the incremental production from these countries--and perhaps some of what is now headed here--goes to China, rather than to the United States, as energy planners here have been assuming. More important, no one believes that these deals are strictly economic, or would meet shareholder approval were such a force present in China. These are deals by state agencies, designed to extend China's influence to corners of the world from which it has until now been absent.

China has also solidified relations with Iran and other countries on America's list of international pariahs, trading arms for oil, and using its financial clout to establish close diplomatic ties in the region that contains the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world."

I'm not the only one that thinks China is a cause for alarm, and this is from a conservative magazine! I'm so sick of this "free market" religious fanaticism. There is no such thing as a "free market" - if you think oil trade is a free market transaction, you're delusion. It a geo-political transaction, more like a peace treaty than a purchase. China's not interested in "free trade", they're interested in developing economic power as a backdrop to political power across the globe. We keep sending factories there, we keep borrowing money from them, and Wal-Mart, the most treacherous organization in America, keeps buying plastic crap from them.

"Do you want to pay $100 more for a television?" - yes, if it means that China doesn't trade nuclear weapons to Iran for oil. If doesn't mean that China chokes the world's energy supply and crushes the American economy.

It's high-time to stop dealing with them once and for all, before they have the U.S. under their thumb and we're nothing but a second-rate power.


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