Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Deception and Lies Tour '05 - Promotional Tour or Show of Force?

From the News & Observer:

"In picking North Carolina for his visit, Bush chooses a state that voted for him twice.

He picks a state where the two Republican senators support his wishes to change what some consider the country's most sacred public program.

But he picks a state where five of the seven Republican U.S. House members are lukewarm on the idea -- at best."

They're certainly not in what TPM calls, the "Conscience Caucus", but you can understand their restraint given the circumstances in NC - very rural, very pro-Bush.

This visit isn't about "promoting" his Social Security "plan", this is about squeezing the NC Congressional Delegation. Richard Burr and Liddy Dole (and L-Hack) may be his lapdogs, but he doesn't quite have the House members.

I can envision the conversation now:

"Well, you have to vote your mind, but I sure wouldn't want to see you have trouble in the primaries. Now, I like you fellas, but I've heard there's some folks that could give you a little trouble next year - I just met a nice young minister from Winston-Salem not too long ago that was talking about getting into politics. I could give you some protection, but I'm gonna' need you to get on board. How 'bout joining the team on this one?"

Like the guy in Full Metal Jacket that says - "All I ask of my men is that they obey my orders as if they were the word of God"


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