Sunday, February 06, 2005

Eason Jordan - Give it a Rest

The Right-Wing Blogosphere really wants this story to catch fire, and I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of a link. (I don't think my two readers care or they'll miss my traffic).

I'll give you the gist - a CNN executive said at the Davos Economic Forum that the U.S. military deliberately killed 12 journalists in Iraq. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here since no one's seen the transcript, but some people report verification (how "independent" is anyone's guess.)

Look, the guy's a idiot and he said something stupid. The President said there were WMD in Iraq and he's not been impeached! What are you complaining about?

Seriously, I don't like to engage in these situational ethics, or what I call the "jackass race", so Eason doesn't get a pass for that, but this demonization has to stop.

They're going to tell you, "He made these statements in front of important global leaders at Davos." You know what, Jacques Chirac didn't like U.S. military policy already.

Tony Blair, what do you think was going through his mind? "Well, I backed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, but now that this CNN middle manager has made a wild accusation without proof, I can't be involved in this anymore."

Do you think they're running around in Fallujah, "Our cause is validated - some people on the Internet are talking about some guy we never heard of talking about U.S. soldiers killing reporters. I was all ready to stop the beheading and get on board with democracy, but I don't know now."

Give me a break!

They did this to Ward Churchill - a grade-A moron no doubt, but they drummed up all this "indignation" and created a shitstorm over nothing. What, the 30 kids at Hamilton College that were going to hear him speak? Yeah, he's really got a big microphone there.

If they say it's about "principle", well, anyone that tells you it's about "principle" - you can bet it's about something else, usually "money", but "pride" and "spite" work equally well.

You reap what you sow, and if you continue to do this, someday, someone who doesn't agree with you is going to be in power over you. I think Instapundit gets this - he can talk about affirmative action and feminism all he wants because of "academic freedom". Once the gloves are off, and people start becoming victims of the Internet posse, don't be shocked if liberal chancellors start marginalizing or eliminating conservative faculty. The more likely outcome - faculty will close ranks and if you think it's difficult for conservatives to get tenure in some departments, wait a couple years. The purge of what conservative voices there are in the media will be swift and severe.

I know indignation can keep you warm at night, but you have to let some of this stuff roll off your back or it's going to come back around on you someday. Besides, I don't want the media talking about this stuff - I want them focused on Social Security and tax reform and things that actually matter.


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