Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fear and Loathing: no politics, no sports, just sick desperation.

Here’s an amusing (or pathetic) story from last night. Now this women is not my normal type, well she is my type in the sense that's she's a women whose breathing and willing to share a pitcher with me but I don't usually meet too many redneck women. She was very attractive and looked to be around 30-35 years old but mentioned something about her adult children. We met at a bar in Raleigh but she suggested we move to a bar in Garner which was a bit more redneck than I'm used to and had a motel behind it, which did perk my interest to why she wanted to come here. We're talking for about a half hour when 2 drunk guys (about 21-25 years old) walk in and go to the bar, apparently one of them had injured or dislocated his shoulder and instead of going to the hospital decides to drink 151 rum to ease his pain. I don't know why I felt the need to offer advice but I suggested that rather than going to the emergency room, they make an appointment with a doctor in the morning and it would cost them a lot less money. The non-injured guy looks over at this women and starts yelling at her, she starts yelling back.

I barely know this women am I supposed to do the "defend her honor" type of thing, get the fuck out of there or sit there like an idiot. Not wanting to abandon her or get into a fight I chose to sit there like an idiot. It turns out that was her son (she is older than I thought) who then runs out of the bar yelling and screaming. The police come to arrest the kid, his mother runs out to help keep him out of jail and winds up getting hit in the eye. The kid goes off to jail to sober up, this women comes back in with her eye red and starting to swell and I'm still sitting there like an idiot. She grabs my beer, chugs it and says "order me up some Crown", at this point I could use some liquor myself but I'm worried about the police presence in the parking lot. I order her the Crown and I decide to get a light beer and look for my cue to exit. A few off-duty Garner police come in to play pool, she knows them and starts to cry and plead her sons’ case to them. Seeing my chance to escape, I paid the tab and said with a strait face "I had a wonderful time tonight", she laughed at that and apologized for all the drama. I said same time next week?


Blogger r.m. said...

that's a pretty amazing are you really going to go out with her again?

6:34 PM  
Blogger Outlier said...


One question - when she said, adult children, didn't it strike you as odd that a 35-year old woman had adult kids? She would have to been pregnant before she could drive a car.

I forgot you were in Garner, never mind...

7:11 PM  
Blogger Libertarian Hack said...

I was trying to convince the liberal guy on the site to go have a beer with me at that bar but he wussed out. I stoped in myself and she was there with a table of friends and what looked like another guy. She came upto the bar to say hello, I noticed the black eye, I found out her real age, 40, and wished her a good night.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Libertarian Hack said...

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11:45 AM  

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