Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hunger for Dictatorship

From The American Conservative:

"But Rockwell (and Roberts and Raimondo) is correct in drawing attention to a mood among some conservatives that is at least latently fascist. Rockwell describes a populist Right website that originally rallied for the impeachment of Bill Clinton as “hate-filled ... advocating nuclear holocaust and mass bloodshed for more than a year now.” One of the biggest right-wing talk-radio hosts regularly calls for the mass destruction of Arab cities. Letters that come to this magazine from the pro-war Right leave no doubt that their writers would welcome the jailing of dissidents. And of course it’s not just us. When USA Today founder Al Neuharth wrote a column suggesting that American troops be brought home sooner rather than later, he was blown away by letters comparing him to Tokyo Rose and demanding that he be tried as a traitor. That mood, Rockwell notes, dwarfs anything that existed during the Cold War. “It celebrates the shedding of blood, and exhibits a maniacal love of the state. The new ideology of the red-state bourgeoisie seems to actually believe that the US is God marching on earth—not just godlike, but really serving as a proxy for God himself.”

Who are these people? Lew Rockwell is the president of the libertarian Mises Institute, and Justin Raimondo is described in the article as another libertarian.

Paul Craig Roberts is with the Hoover Institution and is a former Reagan official and editor of the WSJ!

This isn't Kos or Eschaton or some left-wing kook - this is a conservative magazine citing conservative writers talking about a concern in the popular political ideology in America. This isn't Michael Moore talking about Nazi parallels - this is The American Conservative.

Yeah, it's Democrats that hate America, just like the Jews and Communists caused all those problems in Germany in the 20s.


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