Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lunch with a Liberal

There's a write-in contest on the News-Talk 680 WPTF website - "Lunch with a Liberal". Bill LuMaye, the drive-time guy on this conservative talk-radio station, will take a liberal out to lunch each month based on their essay.

I've criticized LuMaye for some of his comments on the air, but a couple of Fridays ago, he said something that was pretty telling. A whole bunch of people had called to complain about this or that, and he basically said that it's not enough to call talk-radio, but if people want to affect change, they have to go to school board meetings, they have to run for office, they have to get involved.

That's a pretty good message. Of course, there are some things that I think are above pluralism - science curriculum being foremost among them, but a lot public activity needs debate. In the rush to privatize and individualize everything, we forget the importance of collective action in the public policy process. When citizens are individualized, it only gives more power to corporations and special interests because it becomes easier for them to activate people to an issue.

Anyhow, when he said that, I was pretty impressed. I'm not going to enter this because I work a long way from Raleigh everyday, but if you're a local liberal, he might not be a terrible guy to sit down with for an hour. You can get along with a conservative - L-Hack and I don't hate each other, despite throwing the invective around from time to time. I wouldn't try this Sean Hannity - I don't think I could keep my food down...

Besides, he's buying. :)


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