Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More bait & switch from GOPers

From The Corner on National Review Online:

"SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW ANY BOUNDARIES. Unfortunately law doesn't all that many, either, when it comes to human embryos.

The creator of Dolly the sheep has been granted a licence to clone human embryos for medical research.

Every one of these news stories should be a nudge to the U.S. Congress. As science goes to work unhampered in California and New Jersey. "

Wait, I though the GOP was the party of States' Rights and limited government interference?

Ohh, I forgot, that's only if some court tries to step on Texas "regulations" that permit poisoning the Rio Grande. In that case - "How dare you interfere in business! Texas can do what it wants!"

I can't really type with "righteous indignation", so you'll just have to imagine it in your ears. I tend to think of L-Hack's voice...

"All you want to do is spend my money America-hater! We won an election by a few percent - we have a mandate! Our election means our 'ideas' are right! I didn't get to vote on the Theory of Evolution - how can you teach it to my kids! Wrong side of history, intellectually dishonest moonbat..." And so on...


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