Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More Right-Wing Hypocracy, and a Frightening Trend

From Samantha Bennett's column in today's Pittbsurgh Post-Gazette:

"The Bible Belt has the highest divorce rate in the United States, according to federal figures.

The national average for divorce is about 4.2 per thousand people. Nevada's rate, as you might expect, is more than eight per thousand (many probably drive-thru), but Tennessee's is 6.4, Arkansas' is 6.1, and Alabama and Oklahoma both clock in at 6.

For folks who are so fiercely concerned about the sanctity of marriage, they sure have trouble keeping one together.

Some of the lowest divorce rates are found in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the New England states. You know, not the real America."

No great shocker here - we learned during the campaign that the Midwestern bible-thumpers were full of BS.

This one sent me for a loop:

"In a nation that is repeatedly told it loves freedom and liberty and is willing to go to great lengths to spread freedom and liberty elsewhere, we are raising kids who are pretty comfortable with the idea of state-censored newspapers.

When it was explained to them the First Amendment is not a band but the No. 1 hit on the Bill of Rights that grants us freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly, one in three high schoolers surveyed said it goes "too far" with the freedom.


Even their adult oppressors are more tolerant. Get this: In answer to a question about whether people should be allowed to express unpopular opinions, only 83 percent of students said yes, while 99 percent of school principals and 97 percent of teachers did."

This is just another part of the "brownshirting" of America. Yesterday, I posted on conservatives getting concerned about this trend. Of course, these aren't the wingnut drones that listen to Hannity and Limbaugh and Hewitt and get all their news from Faux.

The American Conservative had the audacity to write thoughtful pieces on why any candidate for President in the last election was worth a vote.

When you start producing a generation of Americans that believes in censorship and limits to expression, you've got bigger problems than Social Security and Medicare funding in 2020.

L-Hack criticizes me for dour my outlook is - well this is something to look forward to! Better not let anyone know you're not down with Jeebus. In 2020, these thugs might have you locked up for expressing an unpopular opinion. Of course, you may have your own "troop" of the "Republican Youth League", dedicated to such noble pursuits as political education, pogroms, and eugenic research.


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