Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ned Flanders - Bush Supporter

From CNN:

"Before on 'The Simpsons,' Ned was a secondary figure -- Homer's cloyingly pious next-door neighbor. But the values he embodies in exaggerated form now monopolize the political scene. In fact, one might say that Homer is Ned's next-door neighbor, not the other way around, so clearly does Ned bask in the mainstream."

Hey-diddily-ho L-Hack, it's a nation of Ned Flanders! I know you're excited about that, but for me...

It's worse than the album Grandpa put out. Guhhhh....*shudder*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would shudder at a country full of self employed family men, is it christians or left handed people you fear. Somebody has to do the work while the Homer's of the country leach off of others, like old Neddie boy and Frank Grimes (Grimey to his friends). LH

12:58 PM  
Blogger Outlier said...

Good ole' small-business owner Ned Flanders...

-Locks a family of illegal Mexicans into the Leftorium each night, then pays them sub-minimum wage to clean it. Bumbleman isn't on Channel Ocho for the Yanquis.

-Doesn't offer health insurance to any of his employees, and doesn't buy workers compensation insurance to protect his workers from injury. His workers all have to see Dr. Nick and can't afford to move out of Crackton.

-Imports all his left-handed plastic doo-dads from China and forces his American suppliers to meet the "Chinese price" is they want to sell in his store. Why do think Bart was able to buy a factory for only a $1.

-Pays himself a salary of $22,000/year out of his "corporation" to avoid income tax so he can "invest" the rest of the money into "business assets" like his car, his boat, and his vacation home in Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport.

-Raises a ruckus that Springfield Elemetary is teaching Rod & Todd that godless Theory of Evolution.

-Fights to keep John, the owner of "Cockamamies", the vintage store, out of the Springfield Jaycees because he's homosexual.

1:43 PM  

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