Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pitt to buy University Club's historic building

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"The University Club has agreed to sell its historic Oakland building for about $3.5 million to the University of Pittsburgh, according to sources familiar with the talks"

When I was a graduate student at Pitt, my sponsor was a University Club member. I always liked the "U-Club" and it's old-school charms. The library, the dining room where men had to wear a jacket (even at lunch!), the Pub Room on the main floor, and the rooftop deck. She was a big booster, always trying to get me to join - "the graduate student dues are quite reasonable!" Just a couple years ago, while back in the 'Burgh, I had a drink with my friend on the rooftop deck on an early summer night. I'm glad we had a chance to get back there.

The U-Club in 1960

I hope the University does right by the U-Club and I'm sure they will. There are a number of grand old buildings on the campus, renovated into collegiate use from their original use in the glory days of old Pittsburgh. One of these, the Hotel Schenley, was turned into the William Pitt Union. The ballroom, the Lillian Russell Suite, the "Red Room" and the "Blue Room" still have the grandeur of the original hotel.

The Schenley Hotel, as it is today - The William Pitt Union


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