Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Real AARP Agenda - Come on, this is just plain stupid

From Talking Points Memo:

"Over the headline: 'The REAL AARP Agenda', the ad has, on the left, a picture of a soldier in desert fatigues with a big 'X' crossing him out and on the right a picture of two men (in tuxes and obviously just married) kissing each other. The gay newlyweds have a big green check mark over them."

This ad is running at the American Spectator.

Come on, is someone taking this seriously? L-Hack, you're a Republican, please explain this to me? The AARP opposes Social Security privatization because it's going to reduce their political clout. Without a government program to rally member support around, why do they need to exist? Without membership and vote mobilization ability, what other parts of their agenda can they enact? (I can almost assure you that gay marriage and gays in the military are NOT part of the AARP agenda. Think about it - why would old people be pro-gay?)

Is the AARP liberal? Yes. Do they like high taxes? Yes, because they like government programs. Are they a professional lobbying organization that raises lots of money and gets grant funding by the Federal Government? Yes.

The AARP is committed to one thing - raising taxes on younger workers to provide programs to retired people.

This social agenda stuff is ridiculous. I guess because Bill O'Reilly had some guy on his show that said something, it MUST be true.

If you want to hate the AARP for what they are, fine, but this is just plain stupid.


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