Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Real Culture-of-Life

This isn't some typical Democrat nonsense - "a culture-of-life doesn't include war". We all know what the President's talking about when he says "culture-of-life", but he's wrong.

A culture that values life doesn't outlaw abortion but still have thousands of dangerous abortions going on in secret, like what would happen today if abortion was banned.

A culture that values life has legalized abortion, but almost no one chooses to get one and an unplanned pregnancy is a pretty rare event.

I'll give you an analogy: we had prohibition, but everyone kept drinking. We didn't create a society of non-drinkers, we created a society of illegal drinkers. Smoking is still legal, but less and less people do it every year. Through education and a change in social attitudes, we've created a society of non-smokers. Smokers are practically shunned in our society today.

Through proper sexual education and funding for programs like girls' sports which are proven to raise self-esteem and lower teen pregnancy, we can decrease unwanted pregancies. By providing a social safety net for teens that do get pregnant, and education of options beyond termination, we can convince women there are other options.

In the end, every woman will still have the ability to make a choice, but if the common choice is something other than legal abortion - then, and only then, have we created a culture-of-life.


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