Monday, February 07, 2005

The second coming of MTV2

This article on CNN describes how MTV2 is trying to remarket itself to 12-24 year-old guys.

""We want Green Day to be a kind of house band for MTV2, the way people feel about MTV being the Eminem Network," says Tom Calderon, executive vice president of talent and music."

Problem is, for tween guys, they want the "Eminem Network". They love that guy. Indie-rock plays to the older high-school/college crowd, but if it's on MTV2, how "indie" can it really be?

Isn't that just like the "indie" rock that backs most shows on the WB - essentially a vehicle for marginal artists on the WB record label.

Look, MTV2 came out in 1996, when I was in the marketing demographic, and it didn't catch too much fire then. Granted, it's in more homes now, but music is so fragmented today that no network can appeal to everyone. Don't forget - the height of MTVs resurgence with TRL was all based on artists geared to 12-year-old girls. They alienated everyone else in that bubblegum blitz, and they won't come back.

The brand is ruined.


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