Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is just stupid....

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Under the new Pitt arrangement, season-ticket holders are contributing blindly. They don't know what it will take to give them the same seat they currently have or the same caliber of seat. They won't know where they stand until all contributions are in and all prospective season-ticket holders are ranked.

Furthermore, it's possible to make a contribution and not get a seat. The contribution, of course, is not refundable."

Guess what? Anyone who gives and doesn't get a ticket will never give again. They've just closed off a potential long-term revenue stream.

"Connecticut reseats the entire arena every year," he said. "Maryland does it every two years. Kansas has moved into reseating."

Both of these schools have won National Championships in recent memory. Pitt is a sellout in a new arena with a hot team. What happens if they fall on hard times? Sure, Fitzgerald Field House used to pack them in, but a lot of that was the size of the facility. The Pete's a lot larger.

The University should have "auctioned" off a select number of seats in a section to raise some large contributions and get a sense of willingness-to-pay. Once these seats were bought, the sections are divided into price classifications and people are charged "seat licensing" accordingly. The select seating is re-auctioned every couple of years to rotate the holders and re-index the willingness-to-pay and the section seating costs.


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