Thursday, February 24, 2005

"We're the new liberals of the Republican Party. Can you imagine that?" Barry Goldwater in 1996

I noticed this by Ryan Sager writing for Tech Central Station being commented on by left and right wing sites. His report on the attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC shows how completely the social conservative wing of the party has taken over. At CPAC, the Manhattan Institute and Log Cabin Republicans were booed! The gist of the article is that “We Christians can do this alone, y'all who ain't down with J.C. best be running along.” I’m certainly not qualified to tell the Republicans how to win elections they seem capable of that, unlike the Democrats. But I believe there are enough of us on the right who are unhappy with Bush's spending, do not give a shit about gays marrying and are none-too-impressed with the rest of the Bush presidency to sit the next one out. Unlike liberal blowhard I don’t hate Ned Flanders but their way is not going to hold on to the majority for long.

One of the few things the new Republican Party going for it is that it’s not the new Democratic Party. The left has shown weakness and lack of resolve when it comes to terrorism and foreign policy in general and democratic moderates have moved on to play shuffle board, you know its bad guys when HRC is the moderate in the party.


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