Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What do you know...

From today's Washington Post:

"Americans dislike deficits but dislike them less than the alternatives -- higher taxes or lower spending. There's a quiet clamor for hypocrisy and deception, and pragmatic politicians respond with massive borrowing schemes that seem to promise something for nothing. Please, spare us the truth. "

This is practically a restatement of what I wrote last night.

L-Hack, you seem to think the Democratic party is devoid of "ideas". As I mentioned before, in some cases, there is no problem. This applies mostly to social issues, where me and other like-minded people believe Republican "ideas" are more damaging than doing nothing. Think about most things that some Republicans want in schools: abstinence-only education, prayer, creationism as science...none of these is a "good" idea.

As for ideas to fix problems, Democrats have an idea to fix most things - raise taxes. You can say, "You need a new idea." Deficit spending isn't a new idea, but it seems to be the Republican idea for everything. Need a Medicare drug benefit - borrow from China, Need military funding - borrow from China, Need to fix Social Security, borrow from get the point. Republicans don't actually have any "new ideas", and in fact, most are poor solutions to anything because they involve more borrowing on consumption.

The Democratic idea, "raise taxes" isn't just a solution, it's a good solution, because it's only one of two ways to solve almost any problem with the government. The other good solution, of course, is to actually cut spending, but neither party seems to want to do that. That would truly be a "new idea" and a good one too.

One final thought - I'm a bit of a deficit hawk, but I don't believe in "balanced budget". If the government wants to run up a lot of debt to build roads or schools, that's fine with me. It's an infrastructure investment - smart businesses do it all the time. Cyclical debt due to the business cycle is also fine. Funding consumption programs with debt is like buying groceries with a credit card - it's dumb and dangerous.


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