Wednesday, February 09, 2005

White Flag

I've been pretty fired up over the last couple days, mostly because it's been a slow news cycle and I'd rather do anything than re-read Pivotal Politics. It's making my head hurt.

That being said - L-Hack, I've been taking a lot of shots, but rather than let this degenerate in the online equivalent of "Crossfire", I propose a cease-fire.

Effective at midnight, Friday - no more personal attacks. I'm going to stop right now and leave you the next two days to fire return salvos.

You were posting some thoughtful stuff on foreign affairs and you need to get back to that, not dealing with my Hannity nonsense.

BTW - Pivotal Politics is actually a pretty decent book, it just has a lot of statistical analysis that's a little tough to get through in some parts.


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